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If you are not familiar with Canadian-born Diana Krall, she could perhaps best be described as the current generation's female version of Nat King Cole: she has a mellow vocal style that's all her own, and she's a consummate pianist just like Nat was. Both could wrap their arms around a great song and sing it with panache that never goes out of style. She reminds us of Nat in his Cole Trio jazz days.

Being a blond-haired beauty adds an element of seductiveness and sensuality to Diana, who is a popular stage performer and TV guest in addition to scoring big in the recording field. While becoming a sensation in the jazz world, she reaches across genre borders with her lush voice and simple, yet soulful piano style. Krall has, in fact, become one of the best-selling jazz artists in the world, appealing to audiences that aren't limited merely to jazz aficionados.

“The Very Best Of Diana Krall” plays like a cool breeze relieving a steamy Summer day. The CD goes from 1996’s “All For You” to “From This Moment On” a decade later. It is sequenced very well — which is a factor often overlooked by producers. There are spunky numbers, direct jazz jams, and improvised romantic journeys. From her 11 albums recorded up to this point, the string based hits are well represented here.

Krall is unafraid to tackle songs that have been done time and time again. “Let’s Fall In Love,” with its fine guitar intro and the Bacharach cover “The Look Of Love” are here to be played over and over by anyone who needs a mood enhancer. From “Peel Me A Grape” and “Frim Fram Sauce” down to the live version of “East Of The Sun, West of the Moon,” (recorded in Paris), Diana's precise timing and her interpretive voice make for great listening.

Also included are some unreleased tracks. A yearning “Only The Lonely,” a cruising “You Go To My Head,” and “The Heart of Saturday Night” are all winners. Even if you're not into jazz, it's hard not to like this CD.

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