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Mary Reeves promised for years to release the ONLY LIVE CONCERT JIM DID WITH A SYMPHONY but never got around to it. But VoiceMasters did! Hear Jim sing live versions backed by the superb Nashville Symphony Orchestra, professionally recorded in Centennial Park on one sultry August night in 1961.

Even Mary was in attendance that night, as was Jim's favorite songwriter, Cindy Walker! Reeves sang one of Cindy's songs, "I Was Just Walking Out the Door" -- the ONLY live (non-studio) performance known to exist.

NO OTHER LABEL HAS EVER RELEASED THIS CONCERT. You also hear Jim sing "A Room Full of Rose" and "Streets Of Laredo" -- the ONLY live performances. Hear "Danny Boy," and also the symphony accompanying Jim on his 3 million seller, "He'll Have To Go."

The sound quality is so rich and clear, you can even hear the crickets chirping and car horns honking as people applaud.

This release also presents the first release on CD of Jim's famous Oslo concert.

AND THERE ARE FOUR NEW SONGS THAT HAVE NEVER APPEARED ANYWHERE ELSE, including two rock 'n' roll numbers, "Something To Rock About" and "Step Aside Shallow Water."

Jim Reeves fans will be thrilled by this historic release of material you have never heard before. Order today!