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Patti Page sold over 100 million recordings worldwide but most fans probably remember her for her classic hits like "Tennessee Waltz,” “Allegheny Moon,” and novelty numbers.

It may surprise you to discover that Patti was also one hot jazz/blues singer extraordinaire with a set of pipes that garnered praise from the biggest stars of the genre like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan, who admired Patti's talent. (So did Elvis). Possessing a gorgeous contralto that's been described as a cross between that of Rosemary Clooney and Doris Day, Ms. Page had a very wide range. She could caress a tender melody with utmost ease, or wail on a siren song. Patti always had beautiful intonation and perfect pitch.


What makes this CD so unique and special (it is NOT just some mere compilation or "best of" package), is that on “Patti Page: The New Recordings,” some of today’s top musicians have combined their talents to add NEW musical embellishments to 17 mono tracks, transforming them into stereo. On 10 other songs that were recorded in stereo to begin with, the producer has skillfully remixed for a better balanced, and fresher sound that's more consistent with today's listening preferences. So you get 27 priceless gems that sparkle like diamonds.

These songs are showcased in elegant musical settings that include lush strings, shining brass, mellow woodwinds, and crisp percussion. Mix your favorite cocktail, dim the lights and relax as you enjoy this treat for the ears!

Included are recordings made during the 1950s and early '60s with which a lot of Page's fans are not familiar. NONE of these tracks in their present form are on iTunes or even YouTube.

Patti is at once moody, romantic, sensuous, lovelorn, invigorating and ALIVE, as she adeptly handles up-tempo numbers or smolders with a jazzy vibe. (Just listen to her vocal gymnastics on "OO! What You Do To Me." WOW!

Discard your preconceptions and make this the FIRST Patti Page CD you buy. It is just too good to miss!

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