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Featuring 14 all new overdubs, including unreleased Jim Reeves vocals and new songs, plus 2 unreleased interviews with Jim Reeves and the Blue Boys done upon their arrival in South Africa...a total of 16 tracks! Drawing from some newly-discovered tapes of previously unknown Jim Reeves vocal performances that fans have not heard before, VoiceMasters has brought some top musicians and award-winning arrangers into the studio to produce sparkling new overdubs that will sound as fresh as if Jim just recorded them yesterday!

If you're a fan, you've no doubt heard Jim sing "Am I Losing You," but you've probably never heard this version. Jim does the absolute best job he's ever done in singing that song, and we have backed him up with a gorgeous string section, Bosendorfer piano and chorus.

You'll thrill to the movie-soundtrack sound of "I Love You More," sway to the waltz tempo of the lushly orchestrated "Anna Marie," and delight in how fresh and new this performance is of Jim's classic, "Four Walls." Unreleased Jim vocals are given a big orchestra treatment, with sweeping strings, harp, French horn, piano, guitar, percussion and more. The title track, "There's Someone Who Loves You," is a long-overlooked selection that had never been given any accompaniment until now.

One of the biggest rarities on this CD is a new song by Jim that dates all the way back to 1947 and his days in East Texas. Through the miracles of modern technology, the previously unreleased "How Many Tears From Now" has been given a fresh country appeal, as if Jim sang it at a pickin party. (Jim co-wrote it and recorded it in his KGRI days with his best friend, Al Courtney).

Click HERE To listen to a before/after sample of "How Many Tears From Now", which has been miraculously restored, and to which orchestration has been added. (Other songs on the CD are studio quality).

Enjoy standards like "Your Old Love Letters," "Then I'll Stop Loving You" and "If Heartache Is the Fashion." It's hard to decide which one is prettier! You'll also love the country harmonica and fiddle added to "It's Nothin To Me." You'll bounce along with "Overnight" and the Big Band sound, complete with trombone. "Crying In My Sleep" is also compelling, as are "Subconscious Mind" and a fine new arrangement on "Read This Letter," with pedal steel guitar! Jim also does a touching rendition of one of his favorite hymns, "An Evening Prayer." Includes expanded booklet with extensive liner notes by producer and Reeves biographer Larry Jordan, plus rare photos. Your collection won't be complete until you add this CD!


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