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For the first time anywhere, enjoy Saturday nights in Nashville with Jim Reeves live on stage! All 32 tracks on this CD are previously UNreleased and include some of his biggest hits, plus songs you never heard Jim sing live before, like "A Beautiful Life" and "The Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees."

NONE of these have been commercially available until now, and although you can find streaming copies of some of them online (that have comparatively poor sound and are not downloadable), the songs on this wonderful import CD are from different sources and have been expertly remastered for superb audio quality that is rich and clear. Jim's performances are ELECTRIFYING!

Of special historic interest is the debut of when Jim was awarded the Gold Record for "He'll Have To Go", presented to him by Chet Atkins on the Grand Ole Opry. You get to hear Chet's remarks and Jim's comments afterward -- then listen as he sings the song. This CD marks the first commercial release of this milestone in Jim's career!

As a bonus, there are 3 songs you've never heard Jim do: "I Can't Help If I'm Still In Love With You," "My World Ended Today" and "Unfaithful One."

Plus hear Jim sing demos with just his guitar.

This is a true collector's CD every Jim Reeves fan will want to own. Online versions can't compete! Jim was always a great singer, but he is in especially good form on these selections, with accompaniment to match.

You can hear the audience screaming in delight, applauding and stomping their feet when Jim performs. It's like the way the Beatles were greeted when they arrived in America!

Fascinating liner notes by Reeves biographer Larry Jordan and rare photos complete the package!

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(Please note the audio quality on the CD is far superior to the mp3 sample posted here).

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