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This import, “JIM REEVES AND FRIENDS LIVE FROM NASHVILLE”, debuts a bonanza of previously unreleased recordings featuring Jim as well as other popular artists —(Patsy Cline sings two songs!)— plus guest appearances by the Everly Brothers and (“the female Elvis”), Janis Martin, who join Jim on stage for these live broadcasts! Only ONE of the performances by Jim (he does 23 of the 34 tracks!) has ever seen commercial release on vinyl or CD! (Even songs that seem the same as the old CMF release — “Overnight,” “I Missed Me,” and “Peace In the Valley” — are DIFFERENT VERSIONS here). And hear renditions of some of Jim's songs like “Partners,” and “Highway To Nowhere” which he sings better live than he did on the officially released RCA masters.

On the new CD, you get to hear Mr. Reeves interacting with his Music City colleagues. He also does something very unique: he yodels, and “calls” a square dance! As a special bonus, Jim does a lively duet with June Carter on “Worried Man Blues” that makes its worldwide commercial debut here. Hear Jim dedicate his mother's favorite hymn to her and sing it with the Jordanaires.

Compare this to any other CD you have of Jim live from Nashville and you will instantly hear a BIG DIFFERENCE: the sound quality on this new CD is really awesome: rich and clear and ALIVE. Two of the top audio restoration experts — VoiceMasters’ David Lawrence and Mint Audio’s Richard Moore — combined talents to transform the original, long-lost recordings into incredible tracks that make you feel like you are sitting right there in the audience.

You will thrill to the powerful yet nuanced vocals of Patsy Cline, the electrifying performances of guitar virtuoso Chet Atkins, the banjo picking of Stringbean, the honky-tonk piano skills of Del Wood, and the fiddle playing of Tommy Jackson and Shorty Lavender. The Blue Boys shine in “When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again.” 

Duncan Warwick, writing in Country Music People magazine, says “Reeves sounds terrific, but then he did possess one of the purest voices of all time...Essentially this is a Jim Reeves release, aimed at the die-hard fans and I would imagine them being delighted with it and feel it worthy of five stars.”

A handful of these tracks have been traded amongst collectors for years, but with very poor sound quality (eg., foggy and one dimensional, with pops and clicks). They will be positively STUNNED by the far superior audio presented here. It is worth buying this set plus you get all the new music!

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