$ 24.95

SPEND OVER 90 MINUTES WITH JIM REEVES. ALL SONGS RECORDED LIVE. *NO LIP SYNC*. Includes 12-page booklet with rare photos.

Good videos of Jim Reeves are few and far between (there is NOTHING else out there on Jim like this!), but the producers of this excellent NEW DVD have searched far and wide to locate some of the best, most rare performances by Gentleman Jim to be found anywhere. They span his entire musical career, from the days when he was wearing western suits and singing like a cowboy, to his last videotaped performance in Oslo, Norway wearing a tuxedo and singing like the polished crooner he became.

(Please note: This DVD uses a FAR SUPERIOR copy of the original video master of the Oslo concert than the one NRK originally licensed; their dub was of poor quality but a much better video transfer was located and is ONLY available on this DVD).

The picture quality is outstanding, the audio remastered for Dolby Stereo. Included is a BONUS documentary on Jim’s famed concert in Norway, in which a return visit is paid to the sports arena where Reeves performed, with some of the participants in that memorable night reminiscing about the concert, including Leo Jackson, Jim’s lead guitarist. You even get to see the canister in which this priceless videotape of that night is stored.

There is VERY rare video of Reeves in a recording session, plus FIVE NEWLY ADDED CLIPS that are among his best performances from the T. Tommy Cutrer (Grand Ole Opry TV) show. 


To see a list of video performances click one of the small icons above. Also includes 12-page booklet with detailed notes about each of these video performances.