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This is one of the best, most exciting CDs to ever be released on "Gentleman Jim" Reeves! It features 15 all-new overdubs, including songs that have never been overdubbed before, to update his sound so it now seems as "current" as if he'd just recorded this CD today! "Jim Reeves: A New Way" contains some of his biggest hits as well as lesser-known tunes that may even be unfamiliar to you. The sound is breathtaking! There is even a NEW DUET featuring Jim and a wonderful female singer! (For track listing, click the second small icon at left).

Jim Reeves’ smooth, incomparably rich voice has a timeless appeal, but a lot of the accompaniment on his original recordings seems very dated, and even stale. So the producer has once again used the technology of the digital age — and a crew of world-class musicians, arrangers and engineers — to bring a contemporary feel to some of Jim’s best vocals by showcasing them in sparkling new musical settings! Amazingly, Jim now sounds as alive today on these reworked tracks as he did when he breathed these melodious notes into a microphone more than five decades ago.

As Pee Wee King remembered, Jim envisioned himself a perennial entertainer who wanted to assure that after he stopped singing, his music would live on. Seeing how overdubs had kept Hank Williams’ star shining brightly, Jim laid out a blueprint for his wife, Mary, to follow, the result being Reeves scored 34 charted hits after his passing. Jim’s popularity continues to blaze in the British Isles, South Africa, Scandinavia, and South Asia (where he’s still the biggest Western singer in South India and Sri Lanka). In America, Jim paved the way for future generations of country megastars like Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Taylor Swift and Keith Urban — all of whom have won the coveted “Jim Reeves International Award” bestowed by the Academy of Country Music. He had a large record collection and his tastes in music were very eclectic.

The songs on this CD run the gamut from good, solid country tunes to some pop-flavored offerings and even a song with a bluegrass feel and another with a Latin rhythm! You will thrill to hear the mellow voice of Jim sounding so rich, clear and "present" -- as if he's in the room with you singing just for you. These are songs you can dance to! NOBODY COULD SING LIKE JIM REEVES COULD!

Packaged in a beautiful, "wide wallet" style case, with interesting liner notes on each song, this CD is a true collector's item you will treasure for years to come! In fact, you may want to buy extra copies to give to your friends and family members who are Jim Reeves fans! That's how good this release is!


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(Please note release date is August 18, 2017)